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Kayaks & Paddleboards



Our Yolo boards offer superior buoyancy for a very relaxed and stable paddling experience. Each rental comes with a "dry sand lesson" on helping you to be the best paddle boarder you can be!

1 Hour:


(4 Hours)*:





Come paddle out on our Malibu Two XL kayaks! Explore an awesome way to get out and relax on the water. With the ability to easily fit two adults & one young one; come hop in, paddle out and get away from it all!

1 Hour:


(4 Hours)*:



*Half-Day rentals may not be split up and used on different days.

Get out there and see first hand just how beautiful the Gulf of Mexico truly is!

We provide all the necessary life jackets and paddles/oars. 

No experience necessary!

We take the time to ensure you and your loved ones know the ins and outs of each vessel before sending you on your way.

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